Monday, October 16, 2006

Wow! Web-Based Presentation Tools

As the 5th leg of my dispersed K12Onine Conference presentation, I created a presentation about web presentation tools using one of the newest tools, slideshare. This tool, still in beta, allows you to upload content made in PowerPoint, and slideshare converts it to Flash in a rather YouTube like format.

Thus, it allows me to embed the presentation as shown below. When the slideshare site opens to the public, you will be able to view it in a full screen mode.

And the examples show are but a few of the options out there! Be sure to jump over to the wiki to contribute more links, examples, comments:

or just post a comment below to this blog.

Update! Slideshare is out of beta, so you can see all of the features on my slide show's page at:

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