Monday, February 27, 2006

Audio Recording Demo at GateWay

This recording was made as a quick demo of recording audio with my $99 iRiver MP3 recorder, doing some quick editing in Audacity.

By posting the link here, in this Blogger site, it automatically becomes part of a podcast feed, since I have this blog connected to FeedBurner, which creates a podcast feed (see left side)

This quickr ecording demo with two participants speaking is only 40 seconds long (320k!):
Listen now!

Live At GateWay Community College!

I am doing the session today at GateWay Community College on Podcasting, Schmodcasting- What's All the Hype?. The audience is charged and they have various iPods in their hands...

I recorded the entire session as a one hour MP3 (27 Mb!):
Listen now!

Plenty of "umms"

Saturday, February 25, 2006

How Does That Sound?

This is some preliminary set up for a series of podcast demos I am doing next week. You can find all about it on my WikiSpaces site: Podcasting, Schmodcasting- What's All The Hype?

I am dabbling here with adding a link to an audio file, and seeing how Blogger works for generating a podcast feed (with a little help from FeedBurner):

At the February 3, 2006 meeting of the Ocotillo Online Learning Group, Mike Ho from Paradise Valley gave an overview of how he started the podcasts for his Student Life Program:

Mike Ho: Student Life Podcasts at Paradise Valley (27 minutes)
Download audio [15.7 Mb MP3 audio]

One more thing! I need to insert this little bit of stuff to stake my claim for Odeo (more about that later):

My Odeo Channel (odeo/d5a25a79330eb1dd)