Friday, January 27, 2006

Beyond the Blog Planning (demo to Blogger)

Ready for Prime-Time Players - Beyond the Blog

As Weblogging matures, the supporting technology and techniques become more sophisticated, from online diaries to powerful social networking and Web publishing tools. Participants will plunge headlong into the pitfalls, perils, and payoffs associated with supporting social software use in educational settings. Disruptive technologists and skeptical academics are especially welcome.

Query audience for "blog-iness" (Who's blogging this?) Why not?
We should provide audience with a defined Technorati tag and ask them to add it.

Are blogs still thought of as diaries/journals only?
What really is meant/gained by social software?
Is this stuff for geeks? for fringe faculty? when does it go mainstream?
Can it go mainstream?

What do we do to make the session interactive? Ask bloggers/esternals to post comments? Open up images to flickr note posting?

Response: Yes to the suggestions, but also pick one or two provocative questions (like the ones above) and have discussions sections during the session.

Tentative presentation approach- build content as a flickr slide set

Loosely inspired by sci-fi book photos (but they would likely have copyright issues hence our mock-ups)

Each slide has a possible sci-fi cover graphic. The caption can contain our information points, links, perhaps one or two embedded audio commentary by us (or others). Each slide will also use a set of tags that could be used for different "tag paths" for ancillary info, examples.
note: tag paths may not mean much for a set of 10 slides; how about creating tanget paths that illustrate examples? So if we have a schi-fi fotos slide representing, say social bookmarking, we can create a whole set of ancillary examples of things as tag paths, maybe even stuff we do not get to as examples. This would mean setting up some predefined tags ahead of time....

Important set-up notes. To get the flickr set to show slides in desired order, they will have to be re-dated so that first slides have newer dates. Therefore each slide has a suggested date to use. Start with a number in the middle of the montn, just in case of insertions needed on either side.

Likewise, the tag-slide sets should have a date adjusted in case their oder is important. See below.

Major imprtant notes- Flickr ordering is controlled by the photo's Date Posted, and these dates must be after the date the account was created (Jan 12, 2006), so the adjusted date/times are set up below (all slides are dated as different times on Jan 22, 2006) and tag path items on Jan 17, 2006.

Outline (as it were)

  • Cover/ main slide [slide date: Jan 22, 2006 23:00:00] BOOK COVER DONE
  • Cheesy title: "My Life, My Blog, My Diary" (BL- or maybe "CatDiary's Cradle"? Or ma Blogs as diaries [tag:diaries] [slide date: Jan 22, 2006 22:00:00] BOOK COVER DONE
    • tagpath slides start date [Jan 17, 2006]
    • List a few that are "stereotypical" teen angst diaries; isnt there something to be said for the act? that young people are writing about things that matter to them? We can also show how this impulse can be positive in the case of the
    • UBC LiveJournal site (emphasising their desire to maintain autonomy)

  • Cheesy Title: "My Blog Ain't No Stinkin' Diary" (or "Blogomancer"?) Using blogs to publish web sites, other sorts of info sites done with blogs [tag: notdiaries] -[slide date: Jan 22, 2006 21:00:00] BOOK COVER DONE
    • tagpath slides start date [Jan 17, 2006]
    • Several more examples in the comments:
      • CELTC School Announcement System
      • School Library System Genesee School District
      • Grandview Elemenary School Library
      • Ms Hunnicut's English Homework Page (Middle School_

  • Cheesy Title: "The Blogs That Ate My Campus" (Or "The Strain of Andromeda Support") [tag: supporting] [slide date: Jan 22, 2006 20:00:00] BOOK COVER DONE
    • For educators, what happens when blogs get big? scaling? Admin? Spam? are blogs associated with a class or a person? going beyond personal publishing --
      • tagpath slides start date [Jan 17, 2006]
      • Giving a Blog - a guide to providing blogs (James Farmer)
      • University Weblogging: Where, With What System (and How Fast)? (Spike Hall's RU Weblog)- array of colleges providing hosting at the blogware platforms
      • Weblogs@UPEI (Price Eduward Island) and Weblogs#Holland College
      • UThink: Blogs at University of Minnesota Libraries
      • Reedie Jounrals0 Blogs for every students at Reed College
      • EduBlogs CALI Classcaster:

  • Cheesy Title: "My Software And Your Software Make a great Couple (Social Software) (BL) - by Philip K. Long OR... Do Web 2.0 Sites Dream of Ajax Sheep? [tag:socialsoft] [slide date: Jan 22, 2006 19:00:00] BOOK COVER DONE
    • What is Social software? What are the ones that connect/add/ become piece of the blog pie?
      • tagpath slides start date [Jan 17, 2006]
    • media containers: flickr, ourmedia, the music sources, Google video
    • social bookmarks
    • 43things
    • tags
    • this could be a discussion point -- do discussion boards count? does email? Why or why not, and what do our choices say? Does it matter?

  • Cheesy title "Blogs Unite, Spread, And Conquer The Galaxy" (BL Or, "The Weblogger's Guide to the Galaxy") [tag: network] [slide date: Jan 22, 2006 18:00:00] BOOK COVER DONE
    • Networked blogs - integrated and distributed
    • tagpath slides start date [Jan 17, 2006]
    • How to handle the distributed nature of content? Loss of control or loss of management headaches?
    • The nature of distributed conversation, The importance of network literacy

  • cheesy title: "Radio Free Blog Now Syndicating and Receiving" (BL: or " Flowers for Aggregation" or "RSS 451"(by Dr. Bryan Alexander Strugatsky) BOOK COVER DONE [tag: rss] [slide date: Jan 22, 2006 17:00:00]
    • Blog as container (and sender) for disparate tools, connected via RSS
    • tagpath slides start date [Jan 17, 2006]

  • cheesy title: "My So Called Glu'd Life" (or "The Glu Hand of Darkness" or "The Day the Glu Stood Still" or "Dr.Glu" BOOK COVER DONE by Campbell D. Gardner [tag: glu] Aggregation tools (suprGlu and MyGlu) [slide date: Jan 22, 2006 16:00:00]
    • tagpath slides start date [Jan 17, 2006]
    • Inward / Outward Aggregating (RipMix Fever) And That Fresh Smell of Ajax (
    • RSS Mixers
    • SuprGlu:
    • Might want to show how a common blog setup more or less mimics SuprGlu (via Feedburner)
    • Goggle Personalized Home:
    • NetVibes (

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Web Writing

Note: This was a demo of how Writely Publishes to a blog

What is Collaborative Writing On The Web?

Alan Levine, Maricopa Community Colleges,


  • What would it be best used for?

  • What are limitations?

  • How does it compare to current approaches

  • ??

What Does it Look Like?

Wikis are just one of the ways to go about it.

From the Hawaiian word For Quick Quick, it is a tool for quickly creating hyperlinked web content.

It was named for this bus that zooms people around the Honolulu airport.

Who has ridden the WikiWiki shuttle?

Add Your Ideas….